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Colombia Select ETF

Investment Objective

The Global X Colombia Select ETF will seek to replicate the returns, before fees and expenses, of the S&P Colombia Select Index (“the index”). S&P Dow Jones Indices LLC (“S&P”) designed the index to track the performance of the largest and most liquid stocks listed on the Bolsa de Valores de Colombia (BVC). S&P’s selection universe for the index is based on all the securities within the S&P Colombia BMI.

Annualized Performance

1 Mo 3 Mo 6 Mo YTD 1 Yr 3 Yr 5 Yr SIR*
HCOLSEL ETF 9.34 11.71 11.13 5.49 5.49 0.13 4.21 0.59
S&P Colombia Select Index Total Return 8.75 11.20 10.50 5.37 5.37 1.94 4.88 1.53
*Performance since inception on May 28, 2014, as of Dec 31, 2023
All returns are in Colombian Peso (COP$), not adjusted into US Dollars (USD$)

Calendar Year Performance

2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
HCOLSEL ETF -23.14 20.24 14.21 -10.68 30.65 -8.01 2.33 -4.26 5.49%
S&P Colombia Select Index Total Return -22.74 20.95 14.98 -10.21 30.03 -7.85 2.69 -2.11 5.37%
All returns are in Colombian Peso (COP$), not adjusted into US Dollars (USD$)

Top Holdings

As of Feb 21, 2024
Security Name Weight
Interconexion Electrica SA - ISA 13.85%
BanColombia SA Prf 13.56%
Ecopetrol SA 10.73%
Grupo Argos S.A. 10.01%
Empresa de Energia de Bogota S.A. E.S.P. 8.07%
Cementos Argos SA 7.38%
Banco Davivienda SA Pref 4.91%
Grupo Aval 4.75%
Grupo de Inversiones Suramericana S.A. 4.50%
Grupo Nutresa S.A. 4.33%
Celsia S.A. E.S.P. 3.11%
Corporacion Financiera Colombiana 3.06%
Banco de Bogota SA 2.19%
Grupo Bolívar S.A. 1.54%
Sociedad portafolio SA 0.64%

Price & NAV

IIV $13,341.61
Change $0.00  0.00%
NAV $13,285.32
Price $12,950.00

Last Trade: Feb 21, 2024

Key Facts

Inception Date 5/28/14
Net Assets (COP$) 1,580,288,811,428
Exchange Bolsa de Valores de Colombia
Total Cash HCOL.TC
Bloomberg Index Ticker SPCOSLCP
Index S&P Colombia Select Index

More Information

Portfolio Manager Global X ETFs (US)
Management Company Fiduciaria Bogota
External Auditor KPMG
Management Fee 0.50% (Maximum)
Currency Colombian Peso
Currency Hedged? No


Most Recent Distribution per Unit 41.69000
Estimated Annualized Yield 1.23
12-Month Trailing Yield 1.90
Distribution Frequency Quarterly
Record Date 10/31/2023

The obligations of the respective Management Company of each exchange traded fund (“ETF”), and the Portfolio Manager, Global X Management Company LLC (“Global X ETFs”), responsible for managing the portfolios, are ones of due diligence and in no case of guaranteed performance for Investors. The assets and funds supplied by Investors to the Authorized Participants for participation in the ETFs are not deposits nor do they generate for the Stock Brokerage Companies, the Management Companies or the Portfolio Manager, the obligations of a deposit institution and are not covered by the deposit insurance of the Guarantee Funds of Financial Institutions, FOGAFIN, nor by any other scheme of this nature.

Investments in the ETFs are subject, among others, to market risk resulting from fluctuations in the prices of the assets of each respective ETF portfolio. Diversification cannot protect against market risk. Securities concentrated in a single country or a single region or sector may be subject to greater volatility. Other kinds of risks are also associated with the investments described in the Rules and in the Prospectus of each ETF. Investors may access these Rules through the respective Management Company’s website. Furthermore, a printed version of the Rules is available at the offices of the respective Management Company and at the offices of the Authorized Participants.

Global X ETFs is a member of Mirae Asset Financial Group, a Seoul-based global enterprise which offers asset management expertise worldwide.

Please see the ETF website pages for disclosure regarding applicable registered trademarks and the licensing of such trademarks.

The automatic registration of the Documents Representing the Shares of each ETF in the National Registry of Securities and Issuers, in accordance with the terms of Article of Decree 2555, does not imply certification of the Colombian Financial Superintendency regarding the profitability of any ETF nor the security of the investments.

The Colombian Financial Superintendency advises potential investors that the ETFs are products involving risk, therefore, when making any decision to invest, Investors must read all the information carefully and must ensure they understand it correctly and adequately, without prejudice to the responsibilities of Stock Brokerage Companies as set out in Decree 2555.

Potential investors must read the Prospectus and the Rules to adequately evaluate the appropriateness of the investment.

The inscription of the Documents Representing the Shares in the National Securities and Issuers Registry does not imply any qualifications or responsibilities on behalf of the Colombian Financial Superintendency towards individuals or legal entities regarding the price, value or negotiability of the security or the respective issuance, or the solvency of the issuer.

The registration of the Documents Representing the Shares in the Bolsa de Valores de Colombia S.A. does not imply certification regarding the price or the negotiability of the securities or their issuing or the solvency of the issuer by the Bolsa de Valores de Colombia.

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