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2024 Outlook: Done or More to Come?

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Taylor Swift, and the Federal Reserve (Fed) had an oversized impact on either the economy ... By Global X Research Team

An Introduction to Stablecoins

Within the unrelentingly complex realm of digital assets, stablecoins are a refreshingly simple concept. In short, their goal ... By Global X Research Team

Uranium, Explained

Nuclear power is a clean, efficient, and essential source of electricity used to meet the world’s growing energy ... By Rohan Reddy

Views From the Ground: Colombia

We recently visited Colombia for meetings with corporates across the country, local pension funds, government officials, and a ... By Global X Team

Takeaways from Tokyo

Figuring out what to focus on can be hard for those in the business of financial markets and ... By Scott Helfstein, PhD

Market Snapshot – August 2023

Soft landing expectations dominated market sentiment in July. The lower-than-expected inflation print, resilient GDP data, and a robust ... By Global X CIO Team

Global X: On the Market

Chief Investment Officer, Jon Maier, and Head of Thematic Solutions, Scott Helfstein, offer their perspectives on the current ... By Global X Team

Rare Earth Elements, Explained

Rare earth elements’ special properties make them essential to the digital and clean energy transitions. Here, we provide ... By Madeline Ruid

The US Dollar & Emerging Markets

Understanding the relationship between the US Dollar (USD) and emerging market (EM) equities is essential for investors in ... By Global X Research

Our Approach to Research

Director of Research Rohan Reddy highlights how we strive to help investors navigate the financial markets by providing ...

CleanTech Gets a Big Corporate Push

Many companies know the future needs to be green, so they’re accelerating their sustainability efforts to promote climate ... By Alec Lucas & Madeline Ruid

Global X – On the Market

Chief Investment Officer Jon Maier and Head of Thematic Solutions Scott Helfstein offer their perspectives on the current ... By Global X Team

Generative AI, Explained

It’s not often we see technologies gain exponential adoption and attention in a very short time frame the ... By Pedro Palandrani

Sector Views: Tech Talk

2023 started with a bang for the Information Technology (Info Tech) sector. The S&P 500 Info Tech sector ... By Jon Maier; Michelle Cluver, CFA; David Beniaminov, CFA

2023 Outlook: Get the Balance Right

The market’s mood hung on every syllable from the Federal Reserve (Fed) in 2022, and 2023 may rhyme. ... By Jon Maier; Michelle Cluver, CFA; Shannon Ahern, CFA

Thematic Investing, Explained

Director of Research Pedro Palandrani explains the two-step process behind thematic investing and how we approach launching new ...

DeFi: The Basics

Editor’s Note: Please see the glossary at the end for all terms highlighted in sea green found in the ... By Christian Hazim & Rohan Reddy

The Taylor Rule and Sector Views

Given the current macroeconomic environment, where the most significant topics include discussions on inflation, policy rates, real GDP ... By David Beniaminov; Jon Maier; Michelle Cluver, CFA

Ethereum: The Basics

Editor’s Note: Hover over terms in sea green for a pop-out glossary definition. Full glossary also included at the ... By Global X Research

Bitcoin: The Basics

Editor’s Note: Hover over terms in black for a pop-out glossary definition. In October 2008, a mysterious whitepaper ... By Global X Team

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